Emotional support dogs + therapy dogs + school dogs + assistance dogs

Dorothy is experienced in training and supporting owners in training their own dogs to work as and qualify as emotional support dogs, therapy dogs, school dogs, and, assistance dogs for adults (if you are interested in having an assistance dog for a child please contact an organisation that can provide you with a dog that is already trained to serve your child’s needs).

Note that assistance dogs and therapy dogs/school dogs usually take approximately 2 years to be fully trained, able to mitigate a person’s disability, provide support, and pass the public access test.  Preparing these dogs not only includes high levels of training but also careful socialisation to the human world and all the weirdness (from a dog’s perspective) it contains.  It is critical not to rush this as dogs can become overwhelmed and worse case scenario potentially reactive in certain situations, which is not appropriate for this type of dog.  Training needs to happen in short sessions building up to longer sessions, in lots of situations, and often.  Socialisation and positive conditioning also needs to happen regularly in a wide variety of scenarios and situations with the widest group of people possible.

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