Stuff I love, use and recommend

Available through Amazon Australia by clicking on the links provided below.  Please note I am an ‘Amazon Affiliate’ and may receive a small payment for each item purchased.  More stuff to come as I think about them!

The ‘Slopper Stopper‘  stainless steel dog bowl.  These are *amazing* if you have a dog that:  spills water when drinking, has long ears that regularly get wet, likes to tip their water bowl over, likes to dig in or sit in their water bowl!  With an hygenic and easy to clean stainless steel base that holds over 2.5 litres of water the special plastic top has a funnel in the centre that prevents mess and loss.  Incredible and simple design.  They also come in different sizes for small, medium, large and extra large dogs (the size of the funnel changes).  I have a large and my 32kg hound and 5 kg pomchi have no trouble using it.  If you have a labrador or spaniel this is an essential indoor piece of equipment! 


Lick mats made of kitchen grade silicone, with suctions cups on the back so you can easily suction them to a wall (at your dog’s face height for use) or the side of a tub during bathing.  Use these to distract and/or counter condition your dog to being groomed!  Whether you want to just clean their ears, trim a few toenails, or do a full brush-out, comb, clip. wash and blow-dry spread something soft and tasty (canned dog food, a little greek yoghurt, some bone broth) and pop them in the freezer overnight so it takes your dog even longer to lick out the yummies.  I strongly recommend you use these in the place where you’ll be grooming your dog several times before you even pick up a brush or the clippers, then also use them in between grooms so your dog doesn’t run a mile when they come out – you know, like they do when you pick up the toenail clippers!!!  PS:  this even comes with a little double ended brush to help you keep it clean and sanitary, but they do wash up well in the dishwasher.


Squirrel Log plush squeaky toy for small dogs.  Great for small dogs that love to pull things apart.  Which is pretty much every small breed on the planet!  The soft plush ‘log’ comes with plush squeaky squirrels that your dog has to pull out of the log, shake, squeak, throw around etc.  Then you pick them up and put them back in the log and … they do it all over again!  Bonus:  you can even buy packs of replacement squirrels.


Kong Wobbler:  great for feeding dry food to your dog, because ‘bowls are for water, toys are for food’!  Comes in two sizes, one for small dogs and one for all the rest.  This is hard plastic, weighted in the base with sand.  You put in your dog’s dry kibble or treats (or best of all, a mix of both) and place on a flat surface and let them push it around and over to get the food out.  The *best* way to slow down your dog eating to prevent things bloat and vomiting.  It keeps them busy and mentally engaged for anywhere up to 20 minutes or even more.  Bonus:  if you feed your dog in a Kong Wobbler the place they use it in becomes a ‘no potty’ zone, because its a basic rule of nature not to pee or poo where you eat!  These, like most Kong products, last for years and years.  The only one I’ve heard of that broke was run over by a Jeep on a concrete driveway.  Plenty of dogs have all their meals in a wobbler once they have finished teething.

Puppy Kong:  natural rubber chew toy you fill with their food to keep them busy and get them chewing on an appropriate item before they start teething, so that once they do start teething they’ll go looking for their Kong to chew on instead of your furniture.  They come in a range of size from extra small for chihuahuas to extra extra large in case you have a Wolfhound pup!  Please note Puppy Kongs are usually pink or blue in colour, the red ones are for adult dogs and the black ones are for adult super tough chewers (think staffys, rotties, etc.).  Oh, and all rubber Kongs bounce in unpredictable directions, so they are also great for fetch – really smart dogs toss them in the air so they can play fetch by themselves.

Tasty Bone chew toy for tough chewers.  These come in a range of sizes, shapes, and even flavours for the tough chewing dog in your life.  I like the ‘Y’ shaped one for safety reasons.  Always make sure chew toys cannot fit entirely in your dog’s mouth, and discard of any broken bits as they could become choking hazards.  But, these are crazy hard and lots of Amstaffys and similar dogs can take ages to destroy these chews.  Keep your dog busy and it may also aid in cleaning their teeth and gums.