On-line training is now available for:

  • Basic introductory training for pups, includes toilet training and stopping biting – unlike other online training we do not run groups online, we prefer to give our full attention to you to meet your needs
  • Introductory, intermediate and advanced training for all pet dogs
  • Short training sessions addressing just toilet training issues for dogs of all ages
  • Behaviour modification for dogs with issues including all forms of anxiety, reactivity, aggression, destructive behaviours
  • Training for assistance dogs, emotional support dogs, therapy dogs – no matter where you are up to in training your own dog for a special purpose we can take you further, iron out any problems you are having, and teach new behaviours

What you need to take advantage of on-line training:

  • a smartphone, ipad or tablet, laptop or desktop
  • install Google Chrome for free  and once your appointment is confirmed I will email you a link so we can meet online via Zoom (you do not need to download anything from Zoom to do this, but it does function best using Google Chrome search engine).  Training online using Zoom means our session is recorded and you can refer back to it anytime
  • your pup or dog
  • lots of yummy treats and/or your pups favourite toy

Book your online training now:

By completing and submitting the following form at the bottom on this page.  Then you will need to pay for your training session.  We will provide you with several options on our invoice.  Payment options include direct deposit using internet banking, EFTPOS with credit and debit cards, and if you use your smartphone banking you can also ‘pay a person’ just by entering our phone number!

***Book your training session now to ensure you get your preferred time and date***

Online training prices range from $50 for just toilet training; $90 for an hour of training for your pet pup or dog, assistance/emotional support/therapy dog; $120 for up to an hour of behaviour modification.


Online training booking form