If you’re interested in helping the research boffins in Australia and around the world figure out stuff about dogs, please check here periodically for things you can be involved in or contribute to.  You might even find something that can help out one of your own pets now or in the future. Plus, some scientific findings may even help people some day!


August 2017:  Something you can do online to help out is to complete the ‘Emotional Sound Questionnaire’.  Please set aside 10-15 minutes to do this, and you will need the volume turned on to a reasonable level.  It’s run by the Family Dog Project team, Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest.  Go to: soundratingtwo.elte.hu and be sure to select English, unless you speak Hungarian!!


August 2017:  You can also go online to https://goo.gl/forms/O0RGPgAOz4gpH8R2 (copy and paste that!) and complete a survey to help the Senior Dog Project.  Heads up:  you’ll need to your dog’s weight in kg, height in cm, and date of birth.  After the survey there are some games you can play with your dog, and you’ll need treats (of course!) – but you can do those later if you’re sneaking this in at work : )


The following is part of a study into Canine Cognitive Disorder (or doggie dementia).  The researchers are looking for dogs exhibiting signs to take part in a study in Sydney.